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About Me

Enough about me, let’s talk about YOU!
Emma Hales Shein

I know what your daily life is like in the fashion industry; 

hundreds of emails, 

mountains of approvals 

urgent range amends that a factory is pushing you for…



You need a designer who uses their own initiative.

You need a designer who you don’t need to keep checking is getting on with what is briefed. 

You need a designer who goes above what is expected.

You need a designer that replies to your mails in ten minutes not ten hours. 

You need a designer who meets your deadline with high quality work. every. single. time.

If you’ve got a design project you’d like to work on, would like it to be easy and fun with great results drop me a mail. 

I get it. 

Let’s chat. 

Love Emma X

Life can be tricky, stay magic!

Why should that be with me? Well, I’ve been in the design industry for almost 20 years. I’ve worked on both retail and supplier side so I’ve got a clear idea about what goes on in both.

I’ve worked closely with overseas factories and have visited them to learn more – this means I know a lot about costing constraints and getting the best production whilst keeping to your budget. I’ve sat in many many meetings with buyers, garments technologists and merchandisers so I know the importance of approvals, submissions, critical paths and fits.

When I’m not doing this I’m busy at my apple macbook – keeping on top of relevant print trends and using a combination of the Adobe suite, Pro Create and my apple pencil (probably trying not to eat too many chocolate digestives!)

Design 0
Communication 0
Reliability 0
Passion 0